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glendale, ca

Design-build bus maintenance facility 

The Beeline Maintenance Facility Project started as a 2.6 acres empty lot that developed into a transit & maintenance facility complex for the City of Glendale Beeline bus fleet. The complex centralizes the city’s bus fleet, which was previously segregated within separate sites.

Site work for this project included the relocation of existing CNG & natural gas that ran thru the new building footprint; All new site utilities including on-site infiltration chamber, storm drain, sewer, water, gas, electrical, and low-voltage utilities. Site parking for bus fleet and visitor parking, including landscaping and site improvements. Development of easement along SCRAA rail right of way. Street and sidewalk improvements at street ROW.


The building construction includes a new 24,000 s.f., 2-story building that houses their centralized bus maintenance bays (fully equipped and functioning), fleet operations center, and administrative offices. This main facility includes LEED energy efficiency components, including sun controls and shade canopies, and features high design and elegance, combined with efficiencies. Complex also includes a 2,500 s.f. bus CNG fuel canopy, and a 2,200 s.f. bus wash facility, with chassis wash capabilities. 

This project allowed us to showcase Dorado's capabilities to deliver a turn-key, design-build project from raw land to a fully functioning transportation and maintenance facility, along with our capabilities to design and develop the entire site infrastructure and required utilities. It also exemplifies our ability to successfully work with and coordinate with various owner representatives, related agencies including Southern California Railroad Authority (SCRRA), Metro, various city government agencies, and various required utility companies. The project involved the integration of pre-engineer structures on the fuel and bus wash canopies to provide the most economical and expedient building delivery. 

DDC was able to bring the entire design and construction process seamlessly together to integrate and work efficiently within the owner, owner’s representatives, city/government agencies, design consultants/engineers, and the entire construction team including specialty vendors (pre-engineer systems), subcontractors, and construction crews. By directly managing the entire process as a whole, DDC was able to deliver a successful and beautiful project within budget and time. 

project highlights


City of Glendale, 
Department of Public Works-Transit Division 


Met LEED Standards 




Glendale Beeline Maintenance Facility Designed by RNL Breaks Ground


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